Epicurean Group set off its hospitality journey with a Chinese Herbal Tea shop named Wing Hong Chan in 1991. Since then, the Group has been entertaining food bon vivants with restaurants & bars of different themes under the name of Epicurean Management Ltd (EML). We are now one of the long-established restaurant groups in town.

epicurean noun UK /ˌep.ɪˈkjʊə.ri.ən
A person who gets pleasure from food and drink of high quality.
– Cambridge Dictionary

As a leader in the industry, we explore, develop, acquire and manage diversified & distinctive food & beverage concepts for local and Asian’s gourmet worlds. Each brand sparkles and wows the patrons in their own typified manner. Everyone enjoys the novel menus using freshest seasonal ingredients and exciting cooking techniques.

As of Q1 2019, our Group owns and operates over 20 dining concepts under multiple brand names such as Jimmy’s Kitchen, The Peak Lookout, Agave Tequila & Bar, Xiao Wang, Xia Fei etc.

“Epicureanism means an affectionate or well-informed enjoyment
especially of great food and drink.


The credit of running Epicurean Group successfully goes to the seasoned management team which consists of resourceful professionals with diverse expertise in the food and beverage industry. Under their wings, the Groups continues to deliver quality food, attentive service and good value to every epicure.